Good script editors like Pippa are as rare as unicorns

Pippa was one of the first people I got to know in the UK film industry. I remember thinking if everyone is as thoughtful and as enthusiastic as she is, it’s going to be alright…
Andrea Arnold (FISH TANK, RED ROAD)

Pippa’s greatest strength is to get under the skin of the writer to understand what they are trying to achieve – consequently her (endless) questions are never intrusive but always helpful
Sally Hibbin (Producer: YASMIN, BLIND FLIGHT)

Pippa is the best script editor I have worked with in the industry. I would love to work with her again. Smart, perceptive, gentle on the writer…Pippa’s method involves first a rigorous analysis of the strengths and weakness of a script and then asking intelligent questions which means the script writer is led in a creative and positive direction without being disheartened or worse still having their ego kicked around. Pippa is careful to give a clear idea of what the strengths of the piece are. So many forget to do this and then are surprised when good things are lost from the script.
Jessica Townsend

It’s always been an inspiring experience working with Pippa. She has a great sensibility and a knack to get the best out of writers. She understands the process of writing and the difficulties that a writer may encounter in the development of a project. She always gives one hundred per cent and that little extra that makes a writer feel secure and supported in their vision. She is passionate and genuine in her involvement and it’s always been a pleasure having her attached as a script consultant.

Pippa is one of the first script editors I ever worked with and she set the bar high. She always gave me brilliantly insightful, perceptive, constructive responses to my writing, but was never over prescriptive and always incredibly supportive. I would love to work with her again.
Harry Wootliff

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