I work as Script Editor, Script Consultant and Screenwriter Mentor on film and TV projects. I have worked in feature film development for over 20 years, and provided freelance script development services direct to industry since 1999.  I provide expert analysis, guidance and support to refine screenplays, story outlines, adaptations, and other story documents. 

I love this work – the opportunity to foster distinct visions and hone the stories that will shape how we all feel about the world. It’s a pleasure to explore and support each project’s development and share its unique journey to connect deeply with the right audience. 

My input typically includes one or more script reports, the format of which varies depending on the audience (i.e. writer, producer or production company, financier), the project’s current stage of development, budget and specific needs. 

Reports range from a short structural overview to ask key questions and identify next steps, to an in-depth detailed scene by scene analysis that explores every aspect of a project from momentary character motivations to overarching themes. In addition, I can facilitate individual or group story development discussions by skype and in person.

My adaptation services include reading and summarising potential material for further development, identifying possible routes for a screen-based story structure, and preparing pitching documents and story outlines.

I can provide a quick burst of one-off support or guidance over a longer period of time: a fresh perspective on an ongoing project, or comprehensive development support throughout the process from first idea to post production.

I am an experienced developer of writers as well as screenplays. In this role, I can provide ongoing one to one support on a particular project or slate of projects to help emerging writers to hone their skills. I’ve devised and delivered a wide range of impactful training schemes to support screenwriters, producers and directors through the process of development, raising finance for these and creating supportive and inspiring spaces to create and refine projects, while exploring how to engage with existing and new markets. 

I work primarily in the UK and travel to international clients as required. I also offer a comfortable retreat in Cornwall for intensive development sessions or writing retreats.

If you would like to find out more about my services, current rates, and how we could work together, please email me.


Pippa has worked as a freelance Script Consultant since 1999, editing regularly for Parallax, including features BLIND FLIGHT and YASMIN, and Kristian Levring, including features THE SALVATION, FEAR ME NOT, and THE INTENDED. Other clients have included Stealth Films, Braveheart Films, Martin Pope, Makar Productions, Greenlight Films, the UK Film Council, and Sgrin.

As Script Consultant and Project Co-Director from 2011 until early 2016, Pippa devised and delivered the Cross Channel Film Lab with partners in France. This expanded into the fields of VFX and Stereo 3D alongside screenwriting as the Cross Channel Film Lab Phase 2, and is now a Europe-wide innovative training scheme for writers, directors and producers: CCFL Training.

Pippa was Project Director of Cornwall Film from 2005 to 2008. She devised and delivered this successful £1.9million EU funded project to develop Cornwall’s film, TV and digital media sector. Amongst other activities, she originated the “Uprising” low budget screenplay development/training scheme for new talent and Executive Produced 3 micro budget features (MIDNIGHT DRIVES, DRESSING GRANITE, ALIVE DAY) and many shorts.

In 2003, Pippa was Festival Director of the Cornwall Film Festival and began her work as Development Executive for the Cornwall Film Fund, providing development support to over 50 feature film and TV screenplays.

Pippa was Head of Development at Zephyr Films from 1997 to 2002, developing a slate of feature projects with emerging talent. European co-productions at Zephyr included MATHILDE and SECRET PASSAGE. Pippa joined Zephyr in 1995 working in development and production on ESTHER KAHN, MY SON THE FANATIC, and A FURTHER GESTURE.

Pippa has worked with University College Falmouth on their short courses for industry, delivered in association with Skillset; as industry Assessor, Tutor and Mentor and sat on many media-related Boards.

Pippa’s passion for stories also led her to develop Story of Mum, a social enterprise that encourages mums of all ages to explore and share their experiences, for which she was shortlisted for Tesco Mum of the Year. The project has been supported by Channel 4 (4IP), UnLtd, Feast, and the Arts Council, and Story of Mum’s participatory motherhood exhibition travelled across the UK from the Exchange in Penzance to the Photographers’ Gallery in London, and on to the Museum of Motherhood in New York. Pippa coaches mums to explore and rewrite their stories, hosts retreats,workshops and courses on and offline. She has also recently launched Sea Soul Blessings.

Full CV/Filmography available on request.

If you would like to find out more about how we could work together, please email us.