What I do

A photo by NASA. unsplash.com/photos/whDrFMucHkc

I work as Script Editor and Script Consultant on feature film and TV projects, providing development support throughout the process from idea to post production as required. I love developing stories and sharing the journey to bring these to the widest possible audience.

My input can include script reports (from simple overview to in-depth detailed scene by scene analysis), ongoing one to one support to hone particular skills or projects, discussions by skype or in person, and general advice on next steps. I also offer adaptation services for the right projects.

I have worked directly in feature film development for over 20 years. I’ve also devised and delivered a wide range of impactful projects to support screenwriters, producers and directors through the process of development, raising finance for these and creating supportive and inspiring spaces to hone stories and explore how to engage with existing and new markets. 

Most recently, as Script Consultant and Project Director, I  delivered the pilot Cross Channel Film Lab with partners in France. This expanded into the fields of VFX and Stereo 3D alongside screenwriting as the Cross Channel Film Lab Phase 2 and is now a Europe-wide innovative training scheme for writers, directors and producers: CCFL Training.

I have two children and in 2011, I also launched Story of Mum, a social enterprise that facilitates mums of all ages to connect, create and celebrate their stories.

You can read more about how I work over in this blog post.

If you would like to find out more about how we could work together, please email me.

Photo by NASA via Unsplash